The Year Ahead 2015

Hi, and thanks for visiting my home page. My name is Diane Maree. I have been studying astrology for 25+ years.  I read astrology on a collective level here on line.  To order your own personal reading, please contact me at

You will note that I make commentary based on the founding natal chart of the USA.  Congressional review of the Declaration of Independence took place all of July 3 and most of the day on July 4, 1776. Finally, at 8:17PM on the 4th, the Declaration of Independence was adopted.   This document will show it’s purpose and beauty this year.

As we enter a new year, we have excellent aspects which suggest a clearing away of the old to make room for the new.  This could include relationships, careers, hobbies, friends and anywhere else that has held your interest for too long.  Saturn entered the sign of expansion, Sagittarius, and wants us to focus on our real knowledge of the world in which we live.   Those that lack viable knowledge will seek it out.  This planet is the professor of the zodiac.  Wherever it transits is an area of life that we gain wisdom.  While Saturn transited Scorpio we were exposed to oligarchy.  We have learned that organized crime does not belong in Washington, DC.  Now, we Americans will address the wrongs committed against us and teach life lessons to the those who have attempted to high-jack our lives under the guise of “spreading the wealth around”.  Jail sentences will be handed out for many politicians here in the USA over the next few years.  Saturn always imposes limitations somewhere in our lives: including those lives of politicians.  Common Core will be rejected under this transit as inept curriculums will be publicly exposed.  Getting back to basics in education will replace “progressive”  indoctrination within today’s public schools during this transit.  Parents will take on a more active role in their children’s education in the coming years.  In two years, Saturn will enter Capricorn – the sign it rules.  At that time, productivity in ALL of our lives will be expected by the powers that be.  Prepare now.


The most difficult aspect we humans must withstand is Uranus square Pluto.   The last of seven squares will occur from March 11 -28, 2015.  Here in the USA this transit has been  negatively effecting the nation’s first house of self to the fourth house of “home”.  Hence, the collapse of the real estate industry in 2007 by tyrannical and greedy government officials which has resulted in a renter’s market .   We will now witness our nation’s revolution.  Nationalism is gaining in strength worldwide.  All of us are taking note of those who intend to exert power over those that want their freedom. With the problems that arise from this situation, we tax payers may find that we confront shortages of necessities created by those in power.  Food, electricity and gasoline are prime examples via the costs imposed. Everyone should prepare for limited resources that may be imposed by blackouts.  Pluto represents power, oil, big business and financial gain (foundations), as well as death. Uranus represents those who want freedom. We may face a crisis now and again that may be created by those who want to control our every step through life. The common citizen is more and more aware of how our resources have been redistributed. While Uranus remains in Aries for the next two years freedom fighters will bravely push back those who attempt to control Americans. We have a revolt in front of us, as well as the ingenuity to get the job done. Great men and women are already stepping onto the stage of national resurrection. By 2024, the United States will remain, but not within the borders as we now experience.   National change is here to stay, and it can be positive for those of us wanting a better way of life.  Watch for September when government will face the wrath of the people they claim to represent.  Plan for your freedom because it will be within your grasp should you want it.  Otherwise, the sub division of our nation will provide you with an outcome you didn’t plan.  The last square between these two planets was during the Revolutionary War.  Freedom fighters came out on top.  Keep the faith…


Neptune in Pisces from 2012- 2025.  Neptune represents illusion, delusion, creativity, spirituality, addiction, psychic ability, deception, grandeur, actors, religion, idealism and scandals. It takes 164 years to transit the zodiac. We won’t ever experience this planet in all area of our lives, but we sure do feel its impact in a few areas during our lifetimes. Neptune looks at everything from behind rose glasses. Remember that the grass is not always greener somewhere else, even if appears that way.  Be careful when making life choices during this time. It is best to do all your research before moving forward with any plans, purchases or decisions. Neptune is nebulous. Investigations are ruled by Neptune. Use this energy to collect all the facts. Neptune does not always bring out the best in everything. For example, new technology is being used to spy on us while new technology brought into the marketplace won’t be all that you expected.  We will see profits born during Neptune’s transit in Pisces. Religion will take on an important role in society. Society will soften its rough edges. Romance will be commonplace. The arts will flourish. Writers will have wonderful stories to tell. Dreams could become reality. Liquids on earth will become important, such as water, oil, gasoline, vaccines and diseases of the blood. Empathy for the less evolved of our species will rise. Poverty will be addressed. Our food supply will be at risk. A revolutionary ideal will directly affect the populace at large. The ‘nanny” state will begin to heal. The populace will come together to help one another. The welfare state as we know it will begin to collapse. People will begin to understand the viability of strong egos and strive for the betterment of their existence. Small communities of like-minded people will begin popping up. Organic food will be grown.  The political class will find that it cannot control us anymore. We can expect to witness the fall of many that thought they could steer us into submission. The national divide is quietly being discussed behind close doors. Where do you want your bloodline to be in 25 years? This is what the populace should be thinking about. The line will certainly be drawn and a divide will be put in place.


The last time Neptune entered Pisces was in 1850s. South Carolina seceded from the Union in 1860. The Civil War began 1861. The Battle of Gettysburg erupted in 1863. President Lincoln was assassinated in 1865. The Fourteenth Amendment was signed in 1868, shortly after the founding of the KKK. The cattle industry began. Transatlantic travel became profitable, and so did the railroad. War after war was fought internally throughout Neptune’s transit in Pisces in the late 1800s. So, you see, politics is a staple for Neptune.


Neptune/Chiron are conjuncting in Pisces until 2019.  This IS the time to reach for heights of achievement despite impossible odds.  Find the house where Pisces falls in your chart to see where you can beat unbeatable odds over the next four years.


The sign Leo is hosting the “wheel of fortune”, otherwise known as the planet Jupiter, until August 2015.  This is the planet of law, good fortune and cultural influences.  As the new year begins, Jupiter is retrograde until late April 2015.   This is our chance to revisit our plans for expansion.  Do we need to make adjustments?  Is something from the past coming up for closure?  Braggers and those with intent to deceive will not reap the benefits of Jupiter, but rather the backlash this planet is capable of exhibiting.  Immigration policy will be revisited during the first quarter, money and services will be in short supply for immigrants, individuals will begin to use their skills to better themselves instead of corporations, morality will be an issue for those that have none and law enforcement will remain an issue for many.  Jupiter in Leo is shining a bright light on the true psychology of those that have called themselves leaders.  Barack Obama will suffer the loss of his stature in August 2015 when Jupiter opposes his south node which will expose scandals.  He may actually step down due to his desire to be noncommittal and free of responsibility.  He is losing ambition as we go into 2015.

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